Our culture

Our culture is symbolized by us striving to achieve our vision, to reach our targets and that we live by our core values, both internally and when communicating with our clients.

Our core values

At Bostad Direkt we constantly strive to think, feel and act according to our core values; Team Spirit, Energy, Affection and Momentum (TEAM)

Team Spirit, Energy, Affection and Momentum (TEAM).

These core values should be influencing our work at all times, we simply say ”go TEAM”!

Team Spirit

We work as a team and help each other reach common goals as well as individual goals.


We are thrilled by our business and we have fun at work. We think and act proactively.


We give all our clients and coworkers a warm and positive treatment.


We have a simple work style, free from red tape and provide quick service without hassle to both clients and coworkers.

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