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We who work at Bostad Direkt come from very varied backgrounds. What unites us all is that we enjoy doing what we do and that we grow and feel a sense of achievement when helping our clients and each other to a better life. We have fun at work, to put it simple.

As time has went on, we have developed a simple corporate culture. It's an image of how we think, feel and act. We live and act by our four core values, Team Spirit, Energy, Affection and Momentum, and strive to bring them into every aspect of our work. We simply call it ”Go TEAM!”

Here you will find the jobs that are currently available at Bostad Direkt. We are not always in need of new people but we are always open to get in touch with potential future co-workers.

Please submit your CV and a short introduction of yourself here.

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We help you find homes, both as a company and as a private individual. The perfect home is not far away.

E-mail [email protected]
Phone +46(0)771-28 28 20
Visit us Karlavägen 51, 114 49 Stockholm, Sweden

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