Privacy Policy

This is a translation of our Swedish Privacy Policy. In case of any discrepancies, the Swedish version takes precedence over this English translation.

  1. General
    1. This policy concerns Bostad Direkt’s guidelines for storing personal details and is published on the Bostad Direkt website.
  2. Responsible entity
    1. Bostad Direkt Stockholm AB (more known as Bostad Direkt) is the entity responsible for storing the personal details. Bostad Direkt is Sweden’s leading provider of flexible housing. The company is an expert at arranging temporary housing for companies and individuals. The company has expanded in the latest years and now offers everything from apartments to hotel rooms. The company has 12 employees and yearly help thousands of clients to safe and simple housing solutions.
  3. When do we store your personal details?
    1. Bostad Direkt stores the personal details required to use our services and enter leasing agreements. We also store details that are required for either Bostad Direkt and/or any party you enter into a leasing agreement with to be able to contact you.
  4. Which personal details do we store?
    1. After submitting your registration for our services, we will store details regarding your name, personal ID number, address, telephone number and/or e-mail address as well as the preferences that are relevant for the service you wish to use, which could be housing requirements, information regarding your own housing or your booking needs for a hotel stay.
    2. When entering into a leasing agreement, we may also store your banking details in order to pay your rent or deposit to you, contact details to any local representative and/or person staying in your residence as well as the apartment number where applicable.
    3. When paying by card, your card details are processed by DIBS, Bostad Direkt’s payment service provider. These details are only handled by DIBS and not by Bostad Direkt.
  5. Why do we store your details?
    1. The reason for storing your details is to be able to provide you with our services and ensure that you receive fully complete and valid leasing agreements. Bostad Direkt will not store any mandatory information that is not relevant to the service that you wish to use or the leasing agreement that you wish to enter.
  6. The legal grounds for the storing of your details
    1. When registering, we will store your personal details based on your consent in order to provide our service.
    2. When entering into a leasing agreement, we will store the personal details that are required by Swedish Rental- and Agreement Laws in order to produce valid leasing agreements and written contracts.
  7. How long do we store your details?
    1. Your details are stored as long as they are still relevant and you are still using our services. You can at any time choose to remove your details from our systems if you have not entered into any leasing agreements. If you have entered into any leasing agreements, we need to store your details for as long as that agreement is active or for as long as we have a legal requirement to store the details. After this you can ask us to remove them at any time
  8. Profiling
    1. No profiling of your details is made except noting which one of Bostad Direkt’s services that you are using.
  9. Who do we provide your details to?
    1. Your details are never sent to a third party but may be accessed in Bostad Direkt’s systems by service providers regarding IT, system development and maintenance, including consultants that develop Bostad Direkt’s technical platform. Consultants manning Bostad Direkt’s hotels can access any details relating to hotel bookings in the Bostad Direkt platform.
    2. Other third parties that may access your details are the parties that you enter into leasing agreements with. Parties can only access details that are relevant, which equates to the details provided in the leasing contract between you both.
    3. Bostad Direkt cooperates with the Swedish Police and may provide your personal details if a request is made by the police and regards a current investigation.
    4. Bostad Direkt will under no circumstance sell any of your personal details to any third party.
  10. The safekeeping of your personal details
    1. Your personal details are stored digitally in a password-protected digital system which only Bostad Direkt and their technicians and consultants can access. Bostad Direkt staff can only access the personal details relevant to their work. No physical storage of personal details is made, except the storage mandated by Swedish Accounting and Agreement laws.
  11. Your rights
    1. You always have the right to:
      1. Demand that Bostad Direkt deletes all personal details about you unless something prevents this, such as you having entered into a leasing agreement with Bostad Direkt.
      2. Correct any wrong personal details.
      3. Demand information regarding which personal details are stored and see a summary of your details.
      4. Demand that Bostad Direkt remove any non-relevant details as well as restrict the details that we currently store.
      5. Protest against the storing of your personal details
      6. Protest against any automated decision making or how any of Bostad Direkt’s systems has automatically stored your personal details.
  12. Cookies
    1. Bostad Direkt’s website use cookies to store your search preferences as well as to keep you logged in if you have logged in and not logged out or chosen to remain logged in. Bostad Direkts Cookiepolicy.
  13. Contact
    1. Bostad Direkt can be contacted during office ours via e-mail Customer service can answer any question you might have regarding the storing of your personal details.