Approval of corporate clients

  • Terms and conditions – Leasing for corporate clients

    We screen every corporate client in order to approve them according to the terms and conditions we have so we can provide reliable tenants to the landlords opting to sublet their residence to a corporate client. Here are our terms and conditions in brief.

  • Basic rules

    Every corporate client that commissions us to find them a residence will be screened.

    We need to collect the authorized signatory's contact details. If the corporation is a large one, the signatory is replaced by any authorized individual with attestation rights (i.e. the right to sign commission requests as well as leasing contracts for the company).

  • Screening of corporate clients

    • Bostad Direkt will request a credit check from the financial company Creditsafe.
    • Any corporate client will need to submit additional information if the information we are able to gather
      - are older than 12 months,
      - is not referring to a Limited Liability Company/Joint Stock Company (AB, Ltd.),
      - refers to a Limited Liability Company/Joint Stock Company that was founded less than 18 months ago.
      - is insufficient for any other reason.
  • "Key figures" we look at when screening our corporate clients

    • The annual turnover
      - We would like any corporate client to have an annual turnover of at least one million SEK.
    • The net profit
      - The company should be achieving a profit unless it has a valid explanation why it is not.
    • The equity ratio
      - We would like any corporate client to have an equity ratio surpassing 20%.
    • The quick ratio and net current debt
      - Alongside the other criteria, we screen the quick ratio and the net debt and ensure that they combined can provide a safe level concerning the ability to pay rent on time.
  • We generally do NOT approve corporate clients if any of the following is found during screening:

    • Annual turnover of less than one million SEK and/or weak key ratios as stated above.
    • The shareholder equity is less than the share capital.
    • The company has no back story (newly started).
    • Unpaid debts to the Enforcement Administration (Kronofogden).
    • Demands or note of unpaid debts to the Enforcement Administration (Kronofogden) in the credit score database. (Betalningsanmärkning).
    • Unpaid taxes or fees.
    • Corporate remarks in form of not having submitted the annual report, not having an accountant verify the figures etc.

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