Our fees

Here you will find information about our fees when you want to rent a home or rent out your property. Click on any of the headings below. For other services, and questions about rates, please contact our customer service.

Rent out your property

Publicising your property for rent is completely free of charge on our website. You choose whether you wish to advertise to businesses or individuals. Naturally, you can change your target group selection at any time.

Rent – Corporate letting services

Our letting services and added security package. Fixed prices:

Apartment 9 100 SEK
House 12 900 SEK

NB! There will be no charge in the unlikely event that we are unable to find you a suitable property.

Bostad Direkt reserves the right to collect a start-up fee of 1500 SEK when a client commissions Bostad Direkt for the third time, where the client in the two earlier commissions have gone on at least two viewings and then still not finished the commission. When we have found you a residence, the start-up fee will be deducted from the standard mediation fee.

Contract extensions; number 2, 3... 4 000 SEK
Changing tenant on existing contract 4 000 SEK
Subletting contract in English 750 SEK
Rental drafts 500 SEK

For other services our hourly rate is 980 SEK. The minimum charge is one hour.
All prices are excluding VAT.

Rent – Private customer letting services

Membership for our advertisement package – valid for 45 days:

Residential search in the Stockholm area 695 SEK
Residential search in the rest of Sweden 295 SEK
Only rooms, entire Sweden 295 SEK

Additional service; Our text message subscription gives you 50 text messages for an extra 50 SEK. Our text messages are sent an hour before the email message (included in the advertising package) and include the landlord’s contact details. This is a great service that often provides a necessary advantage when contacting a landlord.
All prices are including VAT.